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You BETA Believe It!

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

We at Weird Sisters are looking for some more weirdos to help out with the magic. If you are interested in Beta testing It’s a Zoo, we want you!

Never Beta tested a game before? Perfect. Neither have we. Here are some things you should know:

We need you!

We are trying to make a game all levels want to play. Have you played 1,000 games! We’d love your input. Is your gaming limited to Facebook games (here’s looking at you mom ;) ) We want you too! You don’t need to be an expert to give good feedback, but we do want a panel of diverse perspectives.

We need people to make sure stuff works and makes sense.

We are looking for functionality and understandability. We want to know where you were confused. We want to know your eureka moment! We want to know if anything crashed or halted your game play.

We want your honest feedback.

Many of our testers are going to be our friends. We know you are supportive of us, but as a beta tester, we need you to be critical.  Don’t worry, no matter what you say, we will still love you.

Nuts and Bolts

We're looking for testers who can help us out testing monthly builds or with about 1 hour of play testing a week. Feedback options will change based on location. We will need you to sign an NDA because we’re official like that.

You would be a vital part of making our first game.

How exciting is that?

If all of this sounds good, and you’re still on board, please fill out our google form found here. We will contact you after your form is filled out. Availability and enthusiasm are prioritised, not expertise. We will consider testers on a rolling basis.

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