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It's a Grant!

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

We sisters three are thrilled to announce we are the recipients of a grant from the magnanimous creators of The Witness,with the added generosity of Jeff Roberts from RAD Game Tools, to develop our game “It’s a Zoo.”!

We are not alone in our excitement, for there are other developers awarded who are pretty psyched too. Check out their in-progress projects below:

AWK - Harmon:i:

Anastasia Kuznetsova - Raison

Dario Zubović - QBCO

29Games - RocketPuzzle

Asriele Aestas - Our Sky

Cyathea Tree Team - Out of Bounds Exception

David Rhee - Sticky Blocks

Nico Saraintaris - Trash Diamonds

Ruby - SokoBunny

Skalmantas Šimėnas - Magnecopter

Andrius Mitkus - Rimtis (working title)

Jose Hernandez - Efficient Necromancy

To find out more about the grant and stay up-to-date on all the action, check out

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