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Taking it to the Next Level... Festival for Games 2018!

On this Thanksgiving, we here at Weird Sisters Interactive are truly thankful for the “It’s a Zoo.” prototype to be shown as part of the Next Level Festival for Games in Düsseldorf, Germany!

Many moons ago we were approached by artist, game designer, and overall mastermind Sebastian Quack. He is the curator for the “Uneasy Play” exhibit which is a part of the Next Level Festival this year and asked if “It’s a Zoo” could be included. We were not “uneasy” about saying yes when we found out what the exhibit was about.

What is “Uneasy Play” about? According to the Next Level Festival website (translated by Google and with help from Jess):

“Uneasy Play” focuses on the desire for discomfort in games. What exactly is "difficult" about games? What kind of problems do we enjoy while playing, which are perceived as annoying or disturbing? In the digital world where everything works smoothly and anticipates our every wish, how far can we challenge our technical, social and cultural systems before we turn our console off?

Our shiny new PICO-8 prototype (just finished last night!) is being shown as well as an interview between Sebastian and these Sisters Three. We are so excited to be a part of this experience with other game designers from around the world. Check out all the work being shown here!

The exhibit will run this weekend from Nov. 22nd-25th at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. You can find out more about the Next Level Festival, check out their Facebook page or see a full schedule of the festival.

Also, if you’re in the area, please go check out the NO LIGHT GAME, a LARP that artist Nina Essendrop, together with Sebastian Quack and Nina Westerdahl, created as part of the exhibit in which visitors can work on the design of their own discomfort. (And pretty please tell us about it!)

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