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You may not be able to see dead people, but you can definitely hear them. As a clairvoyant, you have the unique ability to access the spirit plane - an auditory realm full of the pleas of ghosts unable to cross over. Work with a detective plagued by her past to free the lost souls of crimes never solved. But, beware! Poltergeists lie in wait, mimicking the sounds of the ghosts to lure you into their sinister embrace.


Enhanced with Bose AR

NOTE: The Clairvoyant requires Bose AR hardware: Bose Frames, Bose QC 35 II or N700 headphones. For N700 headphones, tap and hold when instructed to "tap twice"

the clairvoyant ar.

It's a Zoo.

Your job: It’s a ZOO. Your boss is a pain, your coworkers left you, and you’re surrounded by monkey business.

A mischievous monkey has stolen your keys just as you were about to lock up for the night! Chase him through this 2D pixel art push block adventure where the animals are part of the puzzles.

This PICO-8 game is prototype for a longer version of It’s a Zoo currently under development by Weird Sisters Interactive. 

Learn more about the game on our blog here!

This device will link you to your parallel selves across the multiverse. By attuning to their astrological presence we can identify basic information about them and the planets they inhabit.

Created by the Weird Sisters for 

the team.


Rachel is our writer, narrative designer, pixel and 2D artist, and puzzle designer. She has been building and designing live escape games for the past three years, and is excited to delve into the digital gaming world!


Ava is our programmer, 3D modeler, and project manager. Some of her many talents include large scale fire art installations and pinball machine repair.


Jessica is our writer, narrative designer, and puzzle designer. She has written and produced numerous theater productions and received her Masters in Theater with an emphasis in Monster Studies and Playwriting. She has an extensive background in stage production and designing escape rooms



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